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Akkarena Beach, Makassar

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One more charm of relaxed coastal city of Makassar was introduced to Indonesia and the international public. Akkarena beach is located along Jalan Metro, District Tamalate, about 3 km from the center of Makassar.
The total coastal area of Tanjung Bunga Beach developed as a family tour this Akkarena reached 10 Ha. With the beach and beautiful panorama sunset, Akkarena Beach offers a variety of means to relax, play and exercise for the whole family.
Previously known as Akkarena beautiful beaches that are often abused by young people. Since June 1998, a dish garden area of 450 m2 Akkarena Coast Mediterranean-style buildings. Akkarena dish garden on the coast and serving local and international drinks and features live entertainment in the form of music and an open stage.
Along with the loss of a negative predicate Akkarena, this beach turned into an alternative tourist destination for families in Makassar. Each end of the Sunday school or vacation, beach Akkarena always packed with families who bring children and relatives as well as for leisure.
Seeing this progress, the local government saw the possibility to develop a beach resort Akkarena as national, even international. The first step to realize this is interesting as a business levy to raise funds for the development of further Akkarena area. Currently, each visitor registration fee Rp. 4000, 00 for a ticket and Rp. 2000, 00 to park a car or Rp1000, 00 for motorcycles.
The result, Beach Akkarena currently developing as the most beautiful beaches in the city of Makassar with existing facilities. The official name was changed Beach Akkarena as Akkarena Family Recreation Center.
One facility that provides the beauty is the presence of an ocean pier which is now a landmark Akkarena Coast. Management has built a long pier and a quarter wide by 150 meters in length and 5 meters wide. In addition to enjoying the beauty of the sunset in the waters of Makassar Strait, the pier is also used for the landing ships small tour & being.
In addition to the pier, there are also various recreational facilities for the shore, fishing tours to the islands around the coast,  dressing room and shower room as well as child’s play. Some games and recreational facilities provided on the beach among other Akkarena Jetski, banana boat, speed boat, a small boat.
Dish around the park, available facilities for outbound activities and meetings. Manager provides a place of activities, both inside and outside the park area cuisine and supporting facilities such as sound system and catering with a delicious variety of menus. Favorite foods Akkarena area visitors are fried banana and fried sweet potatoes mixed with hot coffee.
Some of the facilities and infrastructure provided along the shore of the oval plaza, water tower, play ground the children, restaurants, bath center, meeting room, polyclinic, and the field for beach volleyball.
Coast Akkarena opened between 7 am sampai10 night on weekdays and between 6 o’clock in the morning until 12 at night. This allows you to enjoy the romantic atmosphere and the sea breeze Akkarena Beach at night. To avoid the things that are not desirable, visitors are asked to not spend the night at this beach.




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  1. Welcome to my town.. 🙂

    Komentar oleh Selamat Datang di Makassar — 21/12/2009 @ 17:03

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