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Finding DoFollow Sites

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With all of the above being said – it is rather difficult to find sites that are “DoFollow”…however, they are out there! Listed below for your convenience are running lists of multiple categories of sites that are DoFollow, and great candidates for your next backlink!
In getting links, regardless of if they’re DoFollow or not, please note that Google and other search engines are rather smart these days. If you have multiple links pointing to a page from one DoFollow source, or if that source is also linking to other places that are giving you backlinks (such as your Blogspot or WordPress account), search engines will notice and may devalue your links to the point where they become worthless. Build links naturally and over time. Provide value and they’ll be quality links. Otherwise, you’ll hurt your website’s link building efforts in the long-run.

By the way — when it comes to link building, only the first link pointing to a site counts. Posting more than one hyperlink on the same page to the same source won’t help in any way.

These are the best dofollow sites that I choose for game related blacklinks.
I have just created this list of DOFOLLOW gaming blogs / Do Follow Games related websites.
You can get free backlinks, better SEO, better Alexa Rank and better PageRank by commenting the dofollow blogs below:


Don’t Be A Spammer – Be A Value Provider!

Spamming Dofollow resources will not give you results…not only that, it hurts the entire community, and it persuades Dofollow providers to convert their sites to Nofollow. Be sure that all of your link-building exploits are done so tastefully and honestly. If you don’t cram keywords and give an honest account of what your site is about, search engines will reward you for it!
Just write relevant comments and they will surely be approved in a few hours;)



Save my marriage

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Akkarena Beach, Makassar

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One more charm of relaxed coastal city of Makassar was introduced to Indonesia and the international public. Akkarena beach is located along Jalan Metro, District Tamalate, about 3 km from the center of Makassar.
The total coastal area of Tanjung Bunga Beach developed as a family tour this Akkarena reached 10 Ha. With the beach and beautiful panorama sunset, Akkarena Beach offers a variety of means to relax, play and exercise for the whole family.
Previously known as Akkarena beautiful beaches that are often abused by young people. Since June 1998, a dish garden area of 450 m2 Akkarena Coast Mediterranean-style buildings. Akkarena dish garden on the coast and serving local and international drinks and features live entertainment in the form of music and an open stage.
Along with the loss of a negative predicate Akkarena, this beach turned into an alternative tourist destination for families in Makassar. Each end of the Sunday school or vacation, beach Akkarena always packed with families who bring children and relatives as well as for leisure.
Seeing this progress, the local government saw the possibility to develop a beach resort Akkarena as national, even international. The first step to realize this is interesting as a business levy to raise funds for the development of further Akkarena area. Currently, each visitor registration fee Rp. 4000, 00 for a ticket and Rp. 2000, 00 to park a car or Rp1000, 00 for motorcycles.
The result, Beach Akkarena currently developing as the most beautiful beaches in the city of Makassar with existing facilities. The official name was changed Beach Akkarena as Akkarena Family Recreation Center.
One facility that provides the beauty is the presence of an ocean pier which is now a landmark Akkarena Coast. Management has built a long pier and a quarter wide by 150 meters in length and 5 meters wide. In addition to enjoying the beauty of the sunset in the waters of Makassar Strait, the pier is also used for the landing ships small tour & being.
In addition to the pier, there are also various recreational facilities for the shore, fishing tours to the islands around the coast,  dressing room and shower room as well as child’s play. Some games and recreational facilities provided on the beach among other Akkarena Jetski, banana boat, speed boat, a small boat.
Dish around the park, available facilities for outbound activities and meetings. Manager provides a place of activities, both inside and outside the park area cuisine and supporting facilities such as sound system and catering with a delicious variety of menus. Favorite foods Akkarena area visitors are fried banana and fried sweet potatoes mixed with hot coffee.
Some of the facilities and infrastructure provided along the shore of the oval plaza, water tower, play ground the children, restaurants, bath center, meeting room, polyclinic, and the field for beach volleyball.
Coast Akkarena opened between 7 am sampai10 night on weekdays and between 6 o’clock in the morning until 12 at night. This allows you to enjoy the romantic atmosphere and the sea breeze Akkarena Beach at night. To avoid the things that are not desirable, visitors are asked to not spend the night at this beach.



National Park Bantimurung, Maros

National Park Bantimurung in Maros regency is nature tourism the proudest people of South Sulawesi. The location is in Kars hill or a valley of steep limestone with tropical vegetation. Not surprisingly, this area also became a limestone mining area as a cement raw material. Unfortunately this kind of activity, if continued would be very damaging nature and potential of tourism itself. Tourism Object geographically Bantimurung an area of 6619.11 km2 reach. Cool air and natural beauty, coupled with the sound of water gurgling waterfall that falls from a height of 15 meters and 20 meters wide, making Bantimurung as a flagship tourist attraction. Nature Bantimurung the famous waterfalls and the butterfly is approximately 30 km from Makassar City. If using a private vehicle, takes about an hour. If you are from the airport, mileage slightly closer, about 35 minutes by private car or public transportation called banana-banana. Waterfall When entering the area Bantimurung, from a distance travelers are greeted with the writing on the wall of the hill Kars. Then upon arrival at the gate of this recreational park, a pair of ornate gate welcome giant butterfly on top with a friendly welcome, after which followed a statue of an ape who also jumbo. This indicates Bantimurung original habitat of butterflies and monkeys. Year 1856 – 1857 Alfred Russel Wallace spent most of his life here to examine different types of butterflies. According to Wallace, Bantimurung is The Kingdom of Butterfly “Based on the British study was 150 species of butterflies here,” said Abidin, park ranger tours. To keep the butterfly from extinction the local government to make breeding in this location, and certainly be an attraction for tourists who visit. In addition there is also the Museum breeding butterflies as the information and data center butterflies that live in nature Bantimurung Adidin explain species of butterflies in the butterfly museum Bantimurung also has two caves that can be used as a special interest tours, Cave Rock and the cave of dreams. Stone Cave to get to the prima stamina required, although the manager has made the steps as high as 10 meters. Travels far enough and could only be within walking distance about 20 minutes. But after arriving at around Goa Batu, all exhausted soon paid off with a splendid view danu with a small waterfall so beautiful. Not to mention the beauty of the cave with stalagmite along staglaktit and 30 feet hall. Similarly, Dream Cave picture, only the size and a longer passage that distinguish it with the Rock Cave. To enter the cave, of course, necessary lighting. But do not worry for you who do not bring light. In front of the cave’s mouth has been available rentals petromaks lights at a cost of Rp. 25,000 to Rp. 50,000. Complement the natural charm of the existing managers deliberately create additional facilities such as musalla the design follows the contour of the local natural stones. There are also car bombs, bathing pool, flying fox, sometimes spontaneous performances live local bands, and a number of other facilities. To enjoy the coolness and beauty Bantimurung, visitors pay a levy on tickets for Rp.5.000 for adults and Rp. 3500 children. For those of you who want to linger here, available lodging facility with a price range between Rp. 40,000 to Rp. 60,000 plus television facilities in it. As a souvenir, do not forget to buy souvenirs in the form of butterflies that have been preserved in a frame with a varied amount. Butterfly beautiful variety of colors that can decorate the walls of your home at an affordable price.


Can Simply Drinking More Water Actually Help Weightloss?

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Most of you have heard that you should be drinking 8-10 glasses of water every day – but does it actually help you to lose weight? The common sense logic would tell you yes, if you drink a glass or two of water before a meal, you surely won’t be as hungry.
Studies have supported this common sense logic – when a total of 48 men and women were divided into two groups and given the same calorie restricted diet. They were allowed to eat as much as they wanted at each meal, but one group was required to drink 16 oz. of water before each meal. Over the 12 week trial period, the group that was required to drink water lost an average of 4 pounds more than the control group.
The researchers who authored the study came to the conclusion that when combined with a hypocaloric diet, consuming 500 ml water prior to each main meal leads to greater weight loss than a hypocaloric diet alone in middle-aged and older adults.
Water, however, appears to be the key – another study was done in a similar fashion, but rather than water, subjects drank a fruit drink containing less than 1% of protein, less than 1% of fat, but containing 63 grams of sugar. Participants not only gained weight, but they also reported greater hunger after drinking the fruit drink. The ‘hunger pangs’ from drinking the fruit drink lasted for more than four hours. This shouldn’t really come as a surprise to anyone familiar with the lack of hunger pangs when utilizing a low-carb diet – we know that an excess of sugar raises the blood sugar level too high too quickly, resulting in an over-abundance of insulin in many people – which in turn drops the blood sugar levels too low – resulting in additional feeling of hunger. It’s exactly this scenario that many people face when they have to get a mid-morning and mid-afternoon ’snack’, or donut… the over-reliance on too many carbs forcing unstable blood sugar levels. So it’s not just any liquid that will work, but plain and simple water.
The benefits of drinking more water go further than simply eliminating an excess of hunger – but also allow the body to more efficiently burn fat and metabolize fat to energy. The kidneys play an important role in removing waste and excess water, but if they don’t have enough water to do the job, the liver has to help out. And when the liver has to back up the kidneys, it can’t perform one of its primary jobs of metabolizing stored body fat as efficiently.
So break out the water – it’s a cheap and efficient way to help you lose weight!

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